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A CAM solution delivering machining intelligence. The integrated, associative, feature-based CAM solution for SolidWorks.


CAMWorks® from Geometric Technologies, Inc. (Formerly TekSoft Inc.) is the most advanced CAM solution available and is fully integrated to operate within the SolidWorks environment.
This close integration means CAMWorks® uses SolidWorks geometry to generate tool paths to ensure that the part you machine is the same part you’ve modeled. It also eliminates time-consuming file transfers.
It’s easy to get started. Existing SolidWorks end users can simply add CAMWorks® as a plug-in application.

Integrated in SolidWorks

CAMWorks® uses the familiar SolidWorks and Microsoft® Windows® interface, so it’s easy to learn and easy to use. CAMWorks® also represents a faster concept in manufacturing, while ensuring design integrity and increasing productivity. CAMWorks® uses the latest in programming technologies.


CAMWorks® employs automatic feature recognition (AFR) that identifies more than 30 prismatic features, including pockets, slots, holes, bosses, etc. Holes can include attributes such as drilled, tapped, bored or reamed. CAMWorks® presents machinable features in a familiar feature browser format that allows the user to manually define features from faces, sketches or etches. AFR recognizes features on native SolidWorks part models or imported solid parts via IGES, SAT or Parasolid.

Associative machining

Changes made to the design of the part can be immediately reflected in the CAM system. Significant productivity gains are realized when CAMWorks® is leveraged with SolidWorks and Microsoft Excel to produce families of parts.

Knowledge-based machining

The technology database allows methods and expertise to be captured for improved efficiency and plant-wide consistency. CAMWorks® also supports automatic stock creation and operation generation. Machining operations are presented in a familiar operation browser format. Roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and single point operations are supported.

2-axis machining includes:

  • Drilling
  • Roughing
  • Tapping
  • Semi-finishing
  • Boring and reaming
  • Finishing

3-axis machining includes:

  • Complex, multiple-axis machining
  • Automatic Z-level roughing
  • Automatic finishing including planer, flow line and topographic machining cycles


Assembly support

CAMWorks® supports SW assembly mode. SW users can therefore generate tool paths for multiple parts and also multiple setups of the same part with utmost ease. Additionally, the assembly mode provides the power of being able to simulate the actual machining environment including table, clamps etc, thus almost completely eliminating any chances of error during actual machining.CAMWorks® includes industry standard feed/speed library values. Tool-path simulation reduces the need for dry and proof runs.