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Design View Library

DVLib is a software library that takes a B-rep solid model as input, & turns it into an equivalent feature based solid model. Feature model is created from the perspective of a product designer; hence the name design view (DV). DVLib is built over FRLib. It turns the generic outputs of FRLib into a feature tree that directly makes sense to product designer.Most common use of DVLib is as an engine underneath a feature tree generator product that plugs into a modeler and provides functionality similar to FeatureWorks or Feature Edge.

DVLib functionality basically falls into following categories:

  • Automatic: Fully automatic recognition. Feed in a B-rep solid model and output is a model with features
  • Interactive: Fully automatic recognition is often not enough for production strength end-user product. Much better quality results can be obtained if human user gives some hints interactively to recognizer
  • UDF: User defined features, described via templates. Useful when you want to recognize feature types not hard-wired into design view library
  • Local feature recognition: It facilitates the user to run feature recognition on a limited region of the body