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Cost Estimation

Feature Recognition is essential in any of the two methods that are used in cost estimation applications.


Estimate the cost of manufacturing

Cost estimation applications use two approaches in order to estimate the cost of manufacturing a component.

  • Feature parameters approach: On the basis of gross parameters of the features, e.g., area, perimeter, volume etc.
  • Process planning approach: Once the features to be machined are known, an estimate of the cost of machining can be made based on the set-up generation time, process selection, tool selection, machining sequence and machining time

In either of the above two approaches, feature information is essential.

Machining Application

Feature-based machining allows you to develop a powerful knowledge base of your machining strategies.

Feature-based machining
Feature-based machining allows you to define areas to be machined as features. This is a more intuitive approach to machining and you are able to apply more intelligence and knowledge in tool-path generation.

Since you always machine features and since the feature types are known, feature-based machining allows you to develop a powerful knowledge base of your machining strategies.

FR technology can be used to automatically extract various kinds of information necessary for machining. For example:

  • Feature parameters (e.g. corner radius, depth of hole, fillet radius etc.) are useful for NC code generation
  • Feature cross-sections are useful for profile-based NC applications, and
  • Feature faces for surface-based NC applications
  • The manufacturing view generates machinable feature information, including multiple alternative machining views of features

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