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Manufacturing View Library

The feature recognition library from Geometric operates on boundary representation (B-rep) solid models to recognize features such as holes, pockets, slots, ribs, shells, fillets and chamfers. Features recognized by the FR library can be used by multiple downstream applications – spanning design and manufacturing domains.
Manufacturing view (MfgView) is a software layer over FR library that generates feature information useful for CNC machining. It insulates CAM applications from the low level details and various modules of the FR library and presents a view of features that is amenable to CNC processing. This leads to drastic reduction in integration time and helps to quickly add “feature based machining” capability to CAM applications.

Click here to see the demo videos.

Functional Overview

  • Manufacturing view library is capable of recognizing the following kinds of features. In addition, specific feature parameters are obtained for the various features
    • Simple holes
    • Compound holes
    • CounterBore hole
      • CounterSunk hole
      • CounterDrill hole
      • Taper hole
    • General hole chains
    • Closed pockets
    • Slots
    • Grooves
    • Boss features
    • Islands and fillets in pockets/slots/grooves

  • Features can be recognized using two methods
    • Automatic – The entire B-rep body is processed to locate features
    • Local – Features present in a specific (local) region of the body can be recognized by selecting a face / set of faces

  • Slot features, typically due to more than one valid machining direction, have more than one interpretation. For such slots features Manufacturing view library provides all such multiple interpretations. Additionally user can specify preference for a particular direction to recognize Slot features¬†
  • Manufacturing view also provides the functionality to generate interaction information among features recognized using automatic and local recognition


Following picture shows a typical hole chain and pocket features recognized by Manufacturing view library.