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Automatic Hole Recognition

Feature recognition technology can be used to provide an FR/holes plug-in product into your application.


Holes (circular, depression/ protrusion) are one of the most common/preferred features in a model as they are relatively easy to create/manufacture and serve a variety of purposes. The term ‘generic’ refers to the capability of the module to recognize cylindrical, conical as well as toroidal-shaped depressions or protrusions. The module also groups connected coaxial holes into ‘chains’. Typically a ‘chain’ shares common tool setting while being machined. Interaction among individual holes and chains are also identified. A set of interacting chains are grouped to form a ‘layer’. Grouping into ‘layers’ helps in reducing time for suppression if the application so demands.


  • In feature-based applications wherein holes are suppressed and recreated as feature operations
  • For machining¬†– ¬†by mapping parameters of holes
  • As an input for recognizing compound holes

Special Features

  • Recognition mode: Iterative or Automatic
  • Supports recognition of holes with split faces
  • Incomplete (partial) hole recognition

For the same reason, ideally a CAM user would expect a completely automatic method for machining the holes. The user would like to import a solid model into the application and simply click a menu option in order to get the machining tool path.